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Chiropractor St Kilda

"providing excellent chiropractic care to st kilda and surrounds"

Who can benefit from chiropractic care?

People in pain

Pain relief therapy

Chiropractic Care
  • Diagnose and explain your injury

  • Take the stress out of the unknown

  • Treat and advise

  • Provide support for your ongoing health

"Decrease your pain and increase movement and function"

Young families

Maintenance and wellness 

Family Chiropractic
  • Devise a treatment & exercise plan to promote health & wellness

  • Assess and treat as needed

  • Prevent pain and injury

  • Decrease degeneration

  • Promote vitality 

"Take control of your family's health and wellbeing"

Pregnant women

Pre-peri-post natal care

Pregnancy Chiropractic

"Experience support and guidance through your journey"

  • Gentle and effective treatment 

  • Decrease pain during pregnancy and child birth

  • Increase mobility and provide functional advice 

  • Support natural deliveries

Sports people

Improved performance

Sports Chiropractic
  • Treatment and advice for sports related injuries

  • Taping and bracing provided

  • Increase recovery time

  • Decrease recurrent injuries and time out of the game.

"Experience increased function and performance"

Work Safe Chiropractic
Hicaps Chiropractic
DVA chiropracic

Meet Our Chiropractor

My Interests

Dr Julian Feldman


Dr Julian Feldman, founder and director of Enliven Integrative Health, has worked over a decade in Australia and Canada helping people of ALL ages and abilities achieve their unique health goals.

"I have worked with professional and amateur sports teams, treated 3 generations of a single family and helped countless patients achieve their individual health goals

enjoy receiving both patients who have known the benefits of chiropractic treatment their whole life OR are new to chiropractic and perhaps even a little fearful of  treatment. Whilst I favour hands on chiropractic, I'm a firm believer that a good treatment should never hurt! 


I absolutely love my job and am constantly studying, learning and developing new techniques and treatment options for the best patient outcomes!"


What to expect from your sessions


Initial Consultation:


Dr Julian will take an extensive history to begin to diagnose the cause of your complaint or issue.


Once a full history has been taken the next step is to perform tests to confirm the diagnosis. This may include reproducing the pain or ruling out any serious issues or complication. Once Dr Julian is satisfied that it is safe to proceed, a chiropractic assessment will be performed. This is the assessment unique to chiropractic that allows Dr Julian to work out, where, how and in what direction your joint misalignment has occurred. Once all of this has been completed, it is time for treatment. 


Dr Julian uses his years of treatment knowledge and experience to tailor your particular treatment to your needs. Over time, Dr Julian has incorporated more soft tissue techniques to release and prepare the regions he plans to adjust. This has proved an effective way of providing the body with a complete approach that incorporates both the joints and the soft tissues that surround them.  

Follow up Consultation:


Dr Julian will take a brief history to find out how you have progressed.


As it is impossible to know what stressors your body has had to endure between visits, Dr Julian checks your spine and joints on every visit. 


Treatment is modified, if necessary to your presentation on the day, however, treatment continues to be directed towards achieving your treatment plan and outcome goals.

For the most up to date evidence based research please have a look at my blog 

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