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Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic and pregnancy Q & A


Why is chiropractic treatment beneficial during pregnancy?

There are several reasons that women choose chiropractic care during pregnancy

  1. During pregnancy, there is a change in the distribution of weight that a female carries. As your baby increases in size so to does your uterus and placenta, resulting in a greater weight distribution towards your belly. This causes increased load and stress on your spine, hips, knees and ankles. Additionally, as your pregnancy progresses, your body's ligaments become a little looser, further allowing misalignment of your spine and other joints. 

  2. There is evidence that women who seek chiropractic treatment during pregnancy report less pain and a shorter labour time

  3. Breech babies. Chiropractic is a gentle and non-intrusive way of assisting your baby to engage in the best position for birth - head down. Some babies do not turn until they are close to term. For many, babies will only engage head down at around 36 weeks. If your baby had not engaged head down by 37 weeks they are considered breech. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to assist in turning breech babies so that delivery can be down with fewer complication and risks. 

How do I know chiropractic care is right for me?

Chiropractic care can help you maintain a pain free pregnancy without pharmaceutical assistance. Dr Julian is also able to assist with supplemention and dietary advice to assist youduring your pregnancy.

How do you treat pregnant patients?

Adjusting the pregnant patient requires skill, experience and confidence. All techniques must be adapted and tailored to needs of the patient at their stage of pregnancy:

  • Decreased force adjustment

  • Soft tissue therapy, including treatment on the ligaments supporting the uterus

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