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Hip Pain

Hip Pain Q & A

What are the most common causes of hip pain?

Hip pain is not uncommon, especially among older men and women and those who engage in strenuous physical activity. Causes can include:

  • herniated discs and other spine conditions like sciatica that cause pain to radiate into the hips, buttocks and legs

  • issues affecting the muscles, ligaments or tendons, including strains and sprains

  • joint-related damage due to diseases like arthritis or as a result of trauma and injury

  • issues related to the knee that cause a change in gait pattern and weight bearing, resulting in added strain on the joint

How does chiropractic care address hip pain?

Chiropractic care addresses the root cause of many presentations of hip pain – nerve impingement and biomechanics joint dysfunction of the hip – with specific adjustments customised for each patient's needs. Adjustments help realign the the affected joints to relieve compression, preserve neural signalling and promote circulation. Adjustments are complemented by deep tissue massage and lifestyle guidance to improve posture and other habits that can cause or increase hip pain.

What can I do to prevent hip pain?

Wearing supportive footwear, taking frequent breaks when standing for long periods of time, practicing good posture and good ergonomics at work and school, and having regular chiropractic adjustments to help prevent misalignment are all important steps in avoiding hip pain. Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically active can also help.

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