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Does chiropractic help low back pain

Chiropractic therapy has been utilised by millions of people since it's origins over 100 years ago. Many chiropractic patients experience and 'know' the benefits of chiropractic and aren't afraid to spread the word! I'm sure most people who read this will have been advised at some point or another to go and see a chiropractor - usually by a friend or family member.

BUT.... does chiropractic actually work?

What I want to present to you today is a research article prepared and performed to an excellent scientific standard and level. The article is entitled "Spinal high-velocity low amplitude manipulation in acute nonspecific low back pain: a double-blinded randomised controlled trial in comparison with diclofenac and placebo."

Put simply - "lets compare the effects of chiropractic treatment, no treatment and pharmacological (medication) treatment and see which is best"

The trial had 100 participants. 38 received chiropractic care, 37 received diclofenac (anti-inflammatroy medication - similar to voltarin) and 25 placebo (no treatment at all). Interestingly, 44% of those receiving placebo OPTED-OUT, meaning they chose not to continue with the study

So what did the study show 7-9 days after treatment?

Chiropractic treatment resulted in 76% of patients showing improvement or full recovery. This is compared with 57% of those who took anti-inflammatory medication alone.

Additionally, 50% of chiropractic patients recorded 'complete relief'' with 0% deterioration compared with only 17% of participants who took diclofenac recording 'complete relief' and 19% recording a deterioration in symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment is widely accepted as a leading treatment option for Low Back Pain.

It is vital to always remain evidence based in practice and research articles such as these continue to inform and guide safe and effective treatment.

If you have any questions about whether chiropractic may benefit you, please feel free to contact Dr Julian @ Enliven Health, or your local chiropractor.

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